Each of us has many gifts we are called to share with one another. This season, 2008, as they have for the past 9 years, Chris and Barbara Phillips’ family gift came in the form of over 12,000 lights, fantasy scenes of the season, a visit with Santa, and a reminder that the Star of David is as bright today as it was at Christ’s birth.

We gather together to share the true joy of the season with our extended community. Barbara said “Every year there is a special moment that makes the holiday season for Chris and me. We have seen the first exploration of who Santa is through the eyes of a blind child, our neighborhood shepherd and elves helping with the kids who stop by, or the joy of listening to the music of the trumpets and hand bells.”

Thousands come to this magical destination spot in Apex every year as it is now a part of their family’s tradition, just as it is of that of Chris and Barbara. As a Realtor in Wake County, Barbara Phillips, has the opportunity to see many homes in transition. These homes move from every day living to spotless living, from collections of every kind to back to basics, but each Christmas season her home adds an extra living room so that Santa will have room to visit with all who want to share a special moment with him.


 Over the years this mission of love has extended to hundreds, through food and monetary donations that are collected for The Emergency Food Pantry in Fuquay Varina.

As stated by Barbara, “By opening our “garage” for Santa’s living room, neighbors in need receive from neighbors who care. Chris and I are thrilled that so many now join us in raising awareness for the hungry in our own community. Children are often excited to tell Santa that they brought their cans of food and placed it under the Christmas tree.”


Chris and Barbara gathered a pick up load of food again this year plus $555 dollars for The Emergency Food Pantry. A director for the food pantry said they had been serving around 325 families a month on a steady basis, but now this has increased to over 550 families.
Many of the families are bringing in their kids as they come to pick up food so that the children know where this food is coming from.

“Hard times are hitting us all over the county. This remains an important cause. This year’s Race of Grace, through the Methodist church, will also focus on hunger and will be donating some of the proceeds from this race to the Emergency Food Pantry.”


God Bless you Chris and Barbara Phillips. You are truly an All American family.
We are proud to have you in our Shag Lessons. 
Barbara is an agent with Fonville Morisey Realty
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