Don Bunn – 2009 Inductee
The Sand Flea and The Living Legend Association


What a pleasant surprise it was to get a call from Fat Harold Bessent, a Beach Music Legend and Icon to everybody that shags or loves shag music. When Fat Harold told me I had been voted into The Living Legends Association in North Myrtle Beach and that I would be inducted on May 16, 2009 I was thrilled. But, as timing would have it, I was conducting a shag workshop at Peace College in Raleigh on the afternoon of May 16, the day of the induction. Fat Harold said that I could have someone accept the award for me …

“Not a chance I responded, I want to be there to accept it myself!”

So, after finishing a fun workshop at Peace College Alumnae Weekend, Debbie and I took off to North Myrtle Beach for the induction.

The Sand Flea and The Living Legend Association is hosted at Fat Harold’s Beach Club in North Myrtle Beach. Jan Morris is the Chairman of the Legends Committee. The hosts are “Fat Harold” Bessent and Kenneth “Dynamite” McDonald.

Some of the considerations for induction include, 50 Plus years old, long-time survivor of beach lifstyle, and well-know for unique “self”. Some members are dancers, lifeguards and other past beach workers, and long-time frequent beach visitors, but all love the music and are part of the beach history.
First of all you have to be nominated by someone on the nominating committee. Members vote annually on the people on the nomination list. I do not know exactly when I was nominated but this is the year I received enough votes to qualify for induction.

_Don Gets Inducted Sand Flea Living Legends Fat Harolds May 2009
Don Just Before Receiving Award