Learn to Shag with Don Bunn

Shag Lessons Instructor based in Raleigh, NC

Welcome to DonBunn.com!

Official website of Don Bunn, member of the Beach Shaggers Hall of Fame.

Don teaches group shag lessons at Loafer’ s Beach Club, 605 Creekside Dr., Raleigh, NC. Prior to
teaching at Loafer’s, Don taught at both Reds Beach Music and TJ’s Night Life for over 28 years
combined. Don is also available for group and private shag lessons, shag workshops, business
team builder exercises and social mixers at fraternity and private parties. Don teaches shag
lessons at Loafer’s with his shag instructor partner, Kathy Riley.

What is shag?

Shag, largely popular in the Southeast, is the official dance of Carolina Beach
Music and a lot of fun. To quote Don, “For many people in the Southeast shagging is a way of
life around which all their extra curricular activities revolve. Not only is it the dance, it is the
music, the parties and the friendships it generates that make the dance so popular”. Join us for
shag lessons and learn from some of the best shag instructors in the area.


AVAILABLE  AT Loafer’s Beach Club Tuesday Nights
Beginner 7 pm – Intermediate  8 pm
Shag Classes normally begin the first Tuesday of every month. Click “Schedule”  for exact
starting dates each month plus much more information about the lessons. No advance registration
and no partner required. Just show up the first Tuesday night of new shag lessons and sign up.


Don Bunn